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Kushiro Tourist Information

  1. We can give you information related to walks around Lake Akan and sightseeing spot you can visit by bus, the sightseeing areas for watching Japanese cranes by bus, sightseeing attractions by bus and on foot in Kushiro.  → Walking in Akan
  2. Connecting between Kushiro Airport and Akanko Onsen is more convenient than ever ! → Akan Airport Liner

The Main Highlights of Kushiro
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■ Eastern Hokkaido Sightseeing Transportation Point
Kushiro is approximately one hour 35 minutes by air from Tokyo. It is approximately five hours 30 minutes by bus or car and approximately four hours by JR train from Sapporo. It is the terminal town for Eastern Hokkaido sightseeing that tourists from Kushiro headed toward Akan, Teshikaga, Obihiro, Nemuro, Shiretoko, Kitami, and Sounkyo gather for.

■ Kushiro Marshland (Winter)
The beauty of winter Kushiro Marshland covered by ice and snow lets you right feel as if you are visiting an exotic land.

■ Winter Tancho Gou
Observe Japanese crane and take a trip around the winter Kushiro Marshland by sightseeing bus!
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■ SL Fuyu-no-Shitsugen Train
Adding poetic charm to the winter season of the Kushiro Marshland. Running between Kushiro and Shibecha.
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■ Winter Canoe
With wondrous beauty in the crisp cold early morning, one can sense the breath of the wildlife.

■ Snow Trekking
Put snow shoes on and explore the marshland covered in snow. There is a lot to discover in the winter.

■ Kushiro Marshland (Summer)
Untouched nature extends out, and the Kushiro Marshland, the biggest in Japan that is known for the nationally treasured Japanese Cranes which inhabit it. On the Kushiro Marshland, you can enjoy the magnificent scenery from the observation platforms which are in several places and can feel nature along the wooden path walk, horse trekking or down Kushiro River by the canoe. Come and feel the various benefits given by the Kushiro Marshland to the lives of the people.

■ Japanese Cranes & Wild Birds
The Japanese crane is considered a special natural treasure. The indigenous Ainu people worshipped it calling it Sarurunkamui, meaning god of the marshland. Rare species such as the white-tailed sea eagle, Steller's sea-eagle, Blakiston's fish-owl, and the black woodpecker inhabit the Kushiro marshland making it the treasure house of birds highly popular in Hokkaido.

■ Mount Oakan & Mount Meakan Mountain Climbing
Mount Oakan (1,371m elevation) and Mount Meakan (1,499m) rising around Lake Akan-ko are both active volcanoes. Mountain trails are maintained from the shore of Lake Akan-ko and Meakan Onsen and are popular because beginners or even families can climb them.

■ Lake Akan-ko Marimo Moss Balls
The distance of approximately two hours includes Lake Akan-ko, a lake in the northern part of Kushiro-shi by bus. The whole area is included in Akan National Park. The marimo (moss balls that grow in the lake) are beautiful spherical green algae and are designated as a special natural treasure.

■ Ainu History
An Ainu Kotan means a village of the Ainu. There is an Ainu Kotan in Lake Akan-ko where you can purchase precious handmade folk crafts such as wood carved products or hand-sewn fabric articles.

■ Onsen (hot springs)
In Kushiro, the hot springs are also famous. Akan-ko Onsen, Yamahana Onsen, the Tancho no Sato Onsen (Japanese crane village hot spring). Also, there are inns and hotels with hot springs around Kushiro Station and Nusamai bridge.

■ Kushiro Gourmet
You can enjoy Kushiro gourmet cuisine such as Kushiro ramen, saury of Kushiro, Japanese‐style barbecue cooked in front of you, Kushiro soba noodles, sushi, Hokkaido style fried chicken, and the local brew.


Kushiro and Akan are popular areas for Hokkaido sightseeing. Kushiro is a transportation point for Eastern Hokkaido sightseeing. The port town of Kushiro is famous for the catching of saury.
In Kushiro and the Akan area there is Kushiro Shitsugen National Park and Akan National Park. Of the 6 national parks in Hokkaido adjoins to world heritage site registered Shiretoko National Park, and Daisetsuzan National Park, these are included to make 4 breathtaking scenic natural sites in this sightseeing location. It is convenient for sightseeing Lake Akan-ko, Lake Kusshiyaro, and Lake Mashu, please come to gourmet blessed Kushiro.

Popular Sightseeing Spot

Kushiro-shi Doubutsuen (zoo)

Kushiro-shi Tanchozuru (Japanese Crane) Natural Park

Akan International Crane Center GRUS

Merchant Market

Kushiro Fisherman's Wharf (MOO)

Lake Akan-ko

Akan Sightseeing Steamship

Marimo (Lake Moss Ball) Exhibition and Observation Center

Lake Akan-ko Ainu Theater - Ikoro

Ainu village

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Popular food

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Climate in Kushiro

Kushiro Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. May Jun. Jul. Aug. Sep. Oct. Nov. Dec. Year
Average temperature
-5.4 -4.7 0.9 3.7 8.1 11.7 15.3 18.0 16.0 10.6 4.3 -1.9 6.2
44.3 29.4 58.4 78.8 113.0 106.5 115.4 123.3 153.1 106.5 71.3 45.2 1160.4

Events of Kushiro

Iomante Fire Festival
[March 18 to November 30, 2020] suspended

Performed at the Akan-ko Ainu Theatre Ikoro from early May to the end of November. It is fantastic Ainu dance that is performed with flames blazing in the night sky.
Kushiro Port Festival
[August 1-2, 2020] call off

Led by three major parades of the big catch Bayashi, citizen dance, and music, this festival includes various events developed for three days of the first week in August every year.
Kushiro Big Catch Donpaku
[September 11-13, 2020] call off

A featured autumn big event with the Don (bang) of fireworks and the Paku (eating) of foods. The fireworks display in Hokkaido where the largest sanjakudama (a firework with three concentric circles) is launched is unmissable.
National Akan Lakeshore Ski Area

A skiing area only 2 kilometers from the hot-spring resort, suitable for beginners to advanced skiers. There's also a kids park.
Ice Land Akan

You can enjoy pond smelt fishing, banana boats, and snowmobiles.
Lake Akan-ko on Ice Festival ICE, Aisu (love), Akan - winter fireworks

The fireworks going up in the clear sky sparkle in the night like jewels.

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Kushiro Transportation

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Because you can go to the sightseeing spots in Kushiro-shi by regular city bus, and scheduled sightseeing bus, those with time can enjoy sightseeing by local bus.
You can go to Nemuro, and Abashiri by bus or railroad and you can visit the sightseeing areas around Akan by bus.

・45 minutes by bus to Tancho Kushiro Airport from Kushiro
・1 hour and 55 minutes by bus to Lake Akan-ko from Kushiro
・2 hours and 9 minutes by railroad or 3 hours and 20 minutes by bus to Nemuro from Kushiro
・3 hours by railroad to Abashiri from Kushiro
・1 hour and 50 minutes by railroad to Kawayu Onsen from Kushiro
・3 hours and 58 minutes by railroad or 5 hours and 50 minutes by bus to Sapporo from Kushiro

Major tourist cities in Hokkaido

Bus lines connecting Hokkaido

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