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Please take Nemuro Kotsu Bus that departs Nemuro Station front if you are headed to Japan's easternmost point, Cape Nosappu. Please use Nemuro Kotsu Bus for famous sightseeing spots in Nemuro, as well as for getting to bird watching locations such as Lake Furen and Shunkunitai. You are able to consult and ask questions from this page.

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Nemuro Kotsu Co.,Ltd.

2-10 Kowa-cho, Nemuro-shi, Hokkaido
Nemuro Kotsu Co.,Ltd.

Bus Reservation Consultation
 Aurora gou (Sapporo-Nemuro)

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Bus Terminal in front of Nemuro Station

■Bus Terminal in front of Nemuro Station
Nemuro Tourism Starting Point. We can store large baggage, too.

Cape Nosappu First Day Visit

■Cape Nosappu First Day Visit
January 1st 2021 (Fri.) 6:49a.m.
The first day departure on Japan's eastern most point.
Departing from the bus terminal in front of Nemuro station at 5:30 a.m.
Departing from Cape Nosappu at 7:20 a.m.
Round trip tickets- Adults: 2,000 yen, Children: 1,000 yen.

Cape Nosappu

■Cape Nosappu
This is Japan's easternmost cape located at 43°22'58 ' North Latitude and 145°49'16 ' East Longitude. It is closest to Sunrise.

Northern Natural Flower Garden

■Northern Natural Flower Garden
This natural flower garden with an area of about 75ha facing the Sea of Okhotsk fascinates visitors with Iris setosa filling the garden like a purple carpet from late June to late July.

Swan view point, roadside station: Swan 44 Nemuro

■Swan view point, roadside station: Swan 44 Nemuro
Between November and March thousands of whooper swans rest their wings at this swan observation point.


This consists of 3 sand bars with a total length of 8km, a maximum width of 1.3km and a total area of about 6,000ha. Its rich primeval forests leave us strong impact with one of the country's largest Japanese rose communities in Sand Dune 1,a pure Japanese red pine forest in Sand Dune 2 and gigantic trees in Sand Dune 3.

The Ochiishi nature cruise and Habomai Gyoukou panoramic cruise

■You can experience the wonder of the unspoiled nature of Nemuro peninsula up close through the Ochiishi nature cruise and Habomai Gyoukou panoramic cruise. Especially in the drift ice season you can experience the spectacular path between the drift ice.

Cape Hanasaki 'Kurumaishi'

■Cape Hanasaki 'Kurumaishi'
This is a rare basalt radial joint shaped like a car wheel, due to which, it is also called "a wheel stone." It is designated as a national natural monument.


Nemuro transportation is located in Nemuro city which is the city located in the most eastern part of Hokkaido.
You can feel the blend of nature and history at the popular tourist spots in Nemuro which are Cape Nosappu the most east point of Japan, Lake Furen and Shunkunitai famous internationally for wild bird habitation, Hanasakiminato Kurumaishi a location said to be flowing with mystical energy, the Chashi ruins the No.1 in the list of Japan's top 100 castles, the famous garden of nature (native northern flower garden) and more.
For getting around and finding scenic spots within Nemuro city, you can make use of Nemuro Kotsu buses as well as chartered buses.We operate round trip buses from Sapporo city, Kushiro city and Nakashibetsu airport.

Nemuro Kotsu Recommendation

★Inter-City Bus

Aurora gou (Sapporo-Nemuro) Reservation Required Time Table / Price List

■Sapporo→Nakashibetsu, Bekkai→Nemuro (via)
Operating every day
Departing Sapporo 10:00p.m.

Arriving in Nakashibetsu Bus Terminal 5:05a.m.

Arriving in Nakashibetsu Toyo Grand Hotel 5:10a.m.

Arriving in Betsukai 5:45a.m.

Arriving in Nemuro 6:45a.m.
Departing Nemuro 8:50p.m.

Departing Betsukai 9:55p.m.

Departing Nakashibetsu Toyo Grand Hotel 10:40p.m.

Arriving in Sapporo 6:00a.m.

■Sapporo→Nemuro(Overnight direct bus:sleeping on board)
Operating on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, national holidays and days before national holidays
Departing Sapporo 10:00p.m. → Arriving in Nemuro 5:35a.m.
Departing Nemuro 10:10p.m. → Arriving in Sapporo 6:00a.m.
Fees One-way Return
Adult 8,200yen 14,800yen
Student 7,400yen 13,400yen
Children 4,100yen 7,400yen
※4 trip ticket:27,800yen / Single trip price: 6,950yen

Intercity buses Aurora gou must be reserved in advance.
Can be paid in cash only (credit cards not accepted).
reservation consultation for inter-city bus→this way

Tokkyu Nemuro gou (Kushiro-Nemuro) Non-ReservedTime Table

■Nemuro → Kushiro
Nemuro station Onneto Roadside station,
'Swan 44 Nemuro'
Jujigai Kushiro station
Weekdays 2 5:35a.m. 5:45a.m. 5:54a.m. 8:17a.m. 8:20a.m.
4 9:10a.m. 9:20a.m. 9:29a.m. 11:52a.m. 11:55a.m.
6 5:40p.m. 5:50p.m. 5:59p.m. - 8:10p.m.
and holidays
2 7:40a.m. 7:50a.m. 7:59a.m. - 10:10a.m.
4 3:40p.m. 3:50p.m. 3:59p.m. - 6:10p.m.

■Kushiro → Nemuro
Kushiro station Jujigai Roadside station,
'Swan 44 Nemuro'
Onneto Nemuro station
Weekdays 1 5:40a.m. - 7:46a.m. 7:53a.m. 8:08a.m.
3 1:10p.m. 1:13p.m. 3:31p.m. 3:38p.m. 3:53p.m.
5 4:00p.m. 4:03p.m. 6:21p.m. 6:28p.m. 6:43p.m.
and holidays
1 7:45a.m. - 9:51a.m. 9:58p.m. 10:13a.m.
3 3:45p.m. - 5:51p.m. 5:58p.m. 6:13p.m.

Time required
Approximately 2 hours and 40 minutes from in front of Kushiro station to the terminal in front of Nemuro station.
Fees One-way Return
Adult 2,290yen 4,380yen
Children 1,150yen 2,190yen
※6 trip ticket: 10,390yen / Single trip price: 1,732yen
※4 trip ticket: 8,230yen / Single trip price: 2,058yen

Day return set ticket only on weekends and holidays
Adult 3,160yen Children 1,580yen

Can be paid in cash only (credit cards not accepted).

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★Airport bus

Connected to every flight arriving
at Nakashibetsu airport.
view time table

★Nemuro peninsula sightseeing bus [Nossapu gou] (Limited to summer and autumn)

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・A course 
Meiji Park - Cape Nosappu - Northern Natural Flower Garden - Kotohira Jinja
・B course 
Museum of History and Nature - Kurumaishi - Roadside station: Swan 44 Nemuro - Shunkunitai Wild Bird Sanctuary - Northern Territories Exchange Center 'NIHORO'

★Tourist spots accessible by regular bus

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1. Nemuro Station
2. Kotohira Jinja: Hanasaki Line, 9 minutes. Get off at "Shiomi-cho", 7 minute walk.
3. Northern Territories Exchange Center 'NIHORO': Attoko Line, 10 minutes. Get off at "Hoppo-yonto Koryu Center Iriguchi", 10 minute walk.
4. Museum of History and Nature: Hanasaki Line, 12 minutes. Get off at "Kurumaishi Iriguchi", 10 minute walk.
5. Kurumaishi: Hanasaki Line, 12 minutes. Get off at "Kurumaishi Iriguchi", 20 minute walk.
6. Shunkunitai Wild Bird Sanctuary: Attoko Line, 18 minutes. Get off at "Tobai", 2 minute walk.
7. Shunkunitai: Attoko Line, 18 minutes. Get off at "Tobai", 10 minute walk.
8. Roadside station, 'Swan 44 Nemuro': Attoko Line, 20 minutes. Get off at "Roadside station, 'Swan 44 Nemuro'", Short walk from the bus stop.
8. Lake Furen Attoko Line 20 minutes. Get off at "Roadside station, 'Swan 44 Nemuro'", Short walk from the bus stop.
9. Habomai Fishing Port: Nosappu Line, 30 minutes. Get off at "Habomai Shinkin-mae", 10 minute walk.
10. Cape Nosappu: Nosappu Line, 45 minutes. Get off at "Nosappu Misaki"
11. Meiji Park: Koju Junkan Line
Nosappu Line,
19 minutes.
7 minutes.
Get off at "Akebono-cho", 5 minute walk.
Get off at "Akebono-cho", 5 minute walk.

Nemuro Kotsu bus

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Nemuro Sightseeing

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Nature of Nemuro

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Other Nemuro information

Bus lines connecting Hokkaido

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small-group trips, observation tours, etc.

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