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The charm of Otaru as seen in the video

OUR STORIES : from OTARU(1‘20“)

The city and nature are in good harmony, and the townscape and landscape are full of historical and cultural atmosphere. Otaru offers a rich lifestyle with beautiful seasonal scenery and activities at the sea and in the mountains. Beyond the standard tourist attractions, Otaru is filled with many more attractive Otaru that are yet to be discovered.

Otaru's Marine Attractions
Otamoi Section(0’36”)

The Otaru coastline is designated as the Niseko-Shakotan-Otaru Kaigan National Park, the only marine park area in Hokkaido.
The beautiful sea and the oddly shaped rocks and monstrous stones make for a spectacular view that can only be enjoyed here.

Otaru's Marine Attractions
Sea Kayak Section(0’36”)

Sea kayaking is a great way to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Otaru’s blue sea and strange, monstrous rocks.

Otaru's Marine Attractions
SUP Section(0’38”)

Otaru’s sea is one of the clearest in Hokkaido. SUP is also recommended as a way to enjoy this beautiful sea from a slightly higher vantage point than sea kayaking.

City in Blue(4‘59“)

Port town “Otaru”. The sea is a part of people’s lives, and there is the sky that connects to the sea.
There are many glass products with the colors of the sea and sky as motifs, and various blue colors that color our lives.
We’ve tried to emblazen the city of Otaru with the theme of “blue”.
Come find your own memorable “blue”.

Otaru, the town of the Japanese heritage "Kitamaebune"(6’58”)

The Kitamaebune is a ship that sailed from Osaka to Hokkaido (Ezochi) along the Sea of Japan from the mid-Edo period to the mid-Meiji period, and refers to a commercial ship that buys and sells cargo in various places. In addition, Kitamaebune carried not only products but also food culture and folk songs. Things that remind us of the prosperity of those days remain in Otaru.
<Cultural Assets of Otaru City>
Mt. Hiyori, votive tablets, former Kaiyotei, former Kitahama district warehouses, Sumiyoshi Shrine dedication, Nishikawa family documents, old photographs of Kitamaebune

Otaru Gourmet Report(1’07”)

Yamashita Tomohiro, a native of Otaru, will introduce Otaru’s long-established gourmet restaurants in one minute!
Sankaku Market (luxury seafood bowl) → Niikuraya (sesame dumplings) → Yabuhan (herring soba / fried soba) → Wakadori Jidai Naruto (fried young chicken half) → Otaru Milk Plant (New York jumbo soft serve) → Masazushi (super deluxe sushi) and we’ll run through them all at once! All the gourmet food cannot be eaten in one day. Where will you start?

Live healthy(1’06”)

Otaru is close to both the sea and mountains. You can enjoy a variety of nature activities in each of the four seasons and “live healthy” in Otaru. Let us introduce you to the charms of such a rich Otaru lifestyle.
If you have 15 minutes, you can enjoy a variety of Otaru’s nature, so it is wonderful to take a carefree trip where you decide the destination and what to do according to your mood and weather of the day.
Please experience the charm of Otaru where you can discover different scenery no matter how many times you come.

From New Chitose Airport to Otaru Area

You can go to Niseko, Yoichi Nikka Factory and Shakotan area from Otaru Station.

❶ From New Chitose Airport to Otaru

JR Rapid Service Train for Airport for Otaru
Airport shuttle bus + high-speed Otaru (Sapporo Transfer)
Car and Rental car

❸ To Yoichi

JR Hakodate Main Line bound for Kutchan
Express Niseko
Car and Rental car

❹ To Niseko

JR Hakodate Main Line bound for Oshamanbe
Express Niseko
Car and Rental car

❺ To Otaru Aquarium

Platform 3 of Central Bus Station
Car and Rental car

Otaru Area Guide

Zenibako Area, Asarigawa Onsen Area : Hot springs, Ski resort, etc.
Otaru Chikko Area : Wing Bay Otaru, Otaru Port Marina, Shin-Nantaru Market, etc.
Otaru owntown : Sumiyoshi Shrine, Otaru Canal, Sakaimachidori Shopping Street, Minami Otaru, Northern Wall Street, Sushiyadori Street, Nitori Otaru Art Base, etc.
Mt.Tengu Area : Mt.Tengu observatory, Ropeway, Ski resort
Shukutsu Area : Observatory, Otaru Aquarium, Otaru Kihinkan (the Old Aoyama Villa), Nishin Goten(herring castle)
Otaru Ranshima Area : Beach

Otaru International Information Center

1-20 Ironai 2chome, Otaru (in Canal Plaza)
9:00a.m.-6:00p.m. (varies according to season)
※English, Chinese, Korean is availabel

Otaru Station Tourist Information Center

22-15 Inaho 2chome, Otaru (inside of Otaru Station)

Asakusa Bridge Tourist Information Center

5 Minato-machi, Otaru (Otaru Canal)

Tourist Information Booth Otaru Sakaimachidori Shotengai Shinkou Kumiai

(Association for the promotion of Otaru Shopping Street)
6-11Sakai-machi, Otaru

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