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AEON Hokkaido

We have many convenient services for our customers who are visiting from overseas. We will assist you in your travel of Hokkaido.

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Daimaru Sapporo

Directly connected to Sapporo Station, one of the largest cosmetics sales floors in Hokkaido! We have a special coupon for 5% off your purchase!

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Tax Free

Sapporo PARCO

Directly connected to Odori Subway Station. BAO BAO ISSEY MIYAKE, Onitsuka Tiger and many other brands are available.

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Tax-free shops in Japan have received qualification of tax-free shop (place of sale for export products) from the government. Items are processed appropriately based on law.
This tax-free service is limited to non-resident foreign tourists.

Flow of the tax-free shopping process
【Cashier checkout】Upon presentation of a passport or other document at the time of purchase, payment is made minus consumption tax.
【Bulk tax-free counter】Purchases must be made with consumption tax included and processed at the designated tax-free processing batch counter on the same day. Present the purchased items, receipt, and passport to receive a refund for the consumption tax.

Duty Free Shopping

Pay the amount exclusive of tax, present your passport or other documents, and receive the merchandise.

“Purchase at the cash register for the amount including tax. Receive the merchandise.
Present the purchased items, receipt, and passport at the tax-free processing batch counter on the same day and receive a cash refund for the amount of consumption tax.”

Receive an explanation of the necessary information from the store of purchase.

  • Items will be wrapped in a special bag that is not to be opened for use for the duration remaining in Japan.
  • Do not open until leaving Japan.

Electronic Transmission of Purchase Record Information→

Be sure to present your passport

In principle, goods purchased duty-free must be carried out of the country in person.
Once through customs, the duty-free procedure is complete.

←Electronic Transmission of Purchase Record Information

departure from a country

For shopping within

Total price of
consumable items
exceeding 5,000 yen but below 500,000 yen (tax excluded).

Total price for
general items
exceeding 5,000 yen
(tax excluded).

Total price for
consumable itemsgeneral items
exceeding 5,000 yen but below 500,000 yen
(tax excluded).

consumable items
food, fruits, cosmetics, Japanese liquor, drinks, pharmaceutical products

general items
folk crafts, watches, jewelry, clothing, kimonos, bags, shoes, cameras, household electrical appliances

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