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Kikonai is a town with an active agricultural and fishing industry producing mountain raised Hakodate Wagyu beef, Tsugaru Strait scallops and more. In March 2016, the town has aimed to take on a new role as the starting station to the northern lands with the opening of the Hokkaido Shinkansen Kikonai Station, South Hokkaido Railway Kikonai Station and others.

Kikonai Tourist Information

Kikonai Office of Industrial Economics

Honcho 218, Kikonai-cho, Kamiiso-gun, Hokkaido
TEL +81-1392-2-313

Kikonaicho Tourism Association

Honcho 525, Kikonai-cho, Kamiiso-gun, Hokkaido
TEL +81-1392-6-7357

1. Welcome to Kikonai

 Kikonai is a town located in the south west of Hokkaido, surrounded by the Tsugaru Channel and beautiful mountains, the town flourishes as a three-way junction to Hakodate famous for its spectacular night view, Esashi the birthplace of Esashi oiwake music, and Matsumae famous for its castle and cherry blossoms.
 Additionally, the town has been garnering attention as the first stopping point in Hokkaido with the opening of the Hokkaido Shinkansen Kikonai Station on March 26th 2016.

 In this town one can breathe in the tradition, at the Samegawajinja's (shrine) Kanchu Misogi Matsuri (festival) we pray for a good harvest from the local fields and a big catch from the great fast flowing Tsugaru straits between Honshu and Hokkaido.

Mascot, Ki-Ko
Mascot, Ki-Ko

  Kikonai's official mascot, is based on the Japanese Brown Hakodate Wagyu beef specially produced in Kikonai. Usually he can be found working in the station master's office as the station master of Kikonai Station shinkansen tourism, however he is also active in promoting Hakodate Wagyu beef and various events. He specializes in MOOtivation. He can sometimes appear dim-witted.

Kanchu Misogi Festival town, Kikonai

 The traditional Shinto rituals at the Samegawajinja (shrine) spread around Kikonai. Every winter, a traditional custom is practiced where the 4 young pupils that are chosen are doused in cold water many times day and night to cleanse them, they clutch the Goshintai (objects of worship: Bettou, Inari, Yama-no-kami, Benzaiten) and dive into the Tsugaru Strait, cleansing the Goshintai (a purification ceremony called Misogi).
Misogi can be seen all over town with Misogihama (beach), Misogi-no-sato (the name of the roadside rest area), junmai sake Misogi-no-mai, Misogi famous confectionary and much more.

Kikonai Misogi Town Walk, Guide

 We have prepared an enjoyable program guiding you on a walk around the Kikonai Station area. It is a rare experience to spend a relaxing and fun time sampling Kikonai's famous local food and drinks, experience a simulated Kanchu Misogi purification and more.

Applications: Kikonaicho Tourism Association tel +81-1392-6-7357 (weekdays between 9 AM and 5 PM)
*Reservation required (3 days prior). 2 persons minimum. Expenses 1000 yen. About 1 hour required.

2. Kikonai's 8 Sightseeing Points

Kanchu Misogi Matsuri (Festival) ■Kanchu Misogi Matsuri (Festival)
The traditional Shinto ritual of Kikonai where we pray for a good catch and a good harvest. 4 young pupils clutching 4 Goshintai (objects of worship) dive into the extremely cold Tsugaru Strait, purifying the Goshintai. The ceremony is held from January 13th to the 15th every year.
Satsukari Murakami Shiba Sakura-en ■Satsukari Murakami Shiba Sakura-en
The moss phlox garden is lovingly tended to by Mr. Murakami of the Satsukari district in Kikanai.
The garden is filled with about 30 different kinds of colorful moss phlox with a peak bloom in early May.
The garden is used for wedding photos and is very popular as a photo spot, and many tourists visit the garden when it is in full bloom every year.
Samegawajinja (Shrine) ■Samegawajinja (Shrine)
At the foot of Mt. Yakushiyama there was a temple built for praying for the continued luck in the fortunes of war. In the town the Kanchu Misogi Matsuri (festival) is held praying for a great harvest and catch. A 6 minute walk from Kikonai JR Station.

South Hokkaido Railway ■South Hokkaido Railway
We recommend the southern Hokkaido trip lasting for about one hour (37.8km ¥980) going to Goryokaku Station from Kikonai Station while gazing at brightness of the Tsugaru Strait and Mount Hakodate from the train car window.

Kanrinmaru ■Kanrinmaru
The Kanrinmaru, a great ship of the late Tokugawa period that sank off shore from Sarakimisaki (cape), still rests in Kikonai. For those with an interest in Japanese history you can feel the excitement of the late Tokugawa period.
Tulips at Cape Saraki ■Tulips at Cape Saraki
In May, Sarakimisaki (cape) blossoms with 50,000 tulip bulbs of 60 kinds conveying the coming of spring. Please enjoy the view of the nearby Tsugaru Strait and the distant Mount Hakodate.

The Birthplace of Hakodate Wagyu Beef ■The Birthplace of Hakodate Wagyu Beef
Red furred Hakodate Japanese Wagyu beef is great for enjoying the original and refined flavor of red meat as there is little fat and is healthy, and it is suitable for a wide range of dishes such as steak, shabu-shabu, roast, and hamburger steak.
Hokkaido Shinkansen Viewing Spot ■Hokkaido Shinkansen Viewing Spot
The observatory was built toward the Seikan Tunnel from Kikonai Station. It has become quite a popular viewing spot because the divergence point of the Shinkansen and the old line can be seen.

[Kikonai Areas of Interest Map]

Kikonai Areas of Interest Map

3. Michi-no-Eki Misogi-no-Sato Kikonai (Roadside Rest Area) Introduction

Tourist Information Center ■Tourist Information Center
A sightseeing concierge who is familiar with the sightseeing of Southern Hokkaido is in residence. You can find out the highlights of the season and the latest sightseeing information including the recommended travel courses. Application for rent-a-car and rent-a-bicycle is possible, too. Free Wi-Fi also available.
Kanchu Misogi Matsuri Corner ■Kanchu Misogi Matsuri Corner
A display corner telling you everything about Kanchu Misogi Matsuri (festival), the Shinto ritual boasting a tradition of over 190 years. Explained with photography and video.

Souvenir and Local Products Sales Corner ■Souvenir and Local Products Sales Corner
A corner of Kikonai local specialties with delicious items gathered from the Seikan area.

Italian restaurant(Dounan de's) ■Italian restaurant (Dounan de's)
An Italian restaurant which is particular about their ingredients from various places in Southern Hokkaido not to mention local Kikonai produce. You can enjoy the grill cooking of Kikonai's specialty Hakodate Japanese Wagyu beef in a roaster. Lunch: 11:00a.m. - 2:30p.m. Dinner: 5:30p.m.-9:00p.m.

4. Kikonai Local Specialties

Hakodate Wagyu beef (Japanese Brown) Hakodate Wagyu beef
(Japanese Brown)
locally brewed liquor Misogi-no-mai locally brewed liquor Misogi-no-mai

Kyujo Jingiskan (Mongolian mutton barbecue). Kyujo Jingiskan
(Mongolian mutton barbecue).
Koukou Mochi Koukou Mochi

Hijiki Hijiki

5.Kikonai Experience Menu

Kikonai Purifying Town Walk ■Kikonai Purifying Town Walk
An experience-based program to enjoy a casual walk around with a guide from Hokkaido Shinkansen Kikonai Station. You can enjoy tastings and samplings from well-established local Japanese confectioners and liquor-stores. To finish up, You can participate in a simulated experience of Kikonai's traditional ceremony of over 190 years, where one is purified with cold water. Please experience it, as it is done to pray for a perfect state of health.
・Season: All year
・Fee: 1,000 yen per person
・Duration: 60 minutes
・Number of participants: 2 and over
Southern Hokkaido Draisine Railroad ■Southern Hokkaido Draisine Railroad
The facilities where there is a ride experience of a draisine using the railroad track that was discontinued in May, 2014. You can thoroughly enjoy the seasonal nature while feeling the comfortable wind in the rural scenery and many trees, and if your lucky, you could meet Kiko, the mascot character of Kikonai. The area has also become a popular spot where you can watch Shinkansen.

・Season: Late April - October
・Fee: 700 yen per person
・Duration: 20 minutes
・Number of participants: 1 and over
Drag-net Fishing Experience ■Drag-net Fishing Experience
The Tsugaru straits where tides of the warm and cold water intersects are abundant fishing grounds. A drag-net fishing experience is possible while feeling the richness of nature. The best part is being able to catch a large variety of fish.
・Season: June -September
・Fee: 3,000 yen per person
・Duration: 120 minutes
・Number of participants: 40 - 80
Oyster Culturing & Fishing Boat Embarkation Experience ■Oyster Culturing & Fishing Boat Embarkation Experience

An experience of oyster culturing. You can experience the culturing preparations to the actual culturing process.
・Season: June - September
・Fee: 2,000 yen per person
・Duration: 60 minutes
・Number of participants: 20 - 60
Milking Experience ■Milking Experience
It is the milking experience of the dairy cow. Hand squeeze milk at the ranch. Touch the milk of the warm milk cows, bringing you closer to nature of the cow.

・Season: June - September
・Fee: 3,000 yen per person
・Duration: 60 minutes
・Number of participants: 20 - 60
Jingis Kan (Mongolian Mutton BBQ) Experience ■Jingis Kan (Mongolian Mutton BBQ) Experience
Hokkaido's specialty meal, Jingis Kan. It's a great outdoor cooking experience. Just take it easy and enjoy as staff happily handle the equipment, fire starting preparation and cleaning up.
・Season: June - September
・Fee: 3,000 yen per person
・Duration: 60 minutes
・Number of participants: 20 - 60

6. Climate of Kikonai

  Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. May Jun. Jul. Aug. Sep. Oct. Nov. Dec.
Average temperature
-2.5 -2.0 1.1 6.5 11.0 14.6 18.8 21.4 17.9 11.6 5.3 -0.1
106.3 80.9 74.7 74.4 86.5 82.6 138.6 166.9 162.3 109.8 124.1 111.1
Because it is located the south of Hokkaido, it is an area that is relatively warm for Hokkaido.
However, there is a lot of snow for the Southern Hokkaido area and is designated as a particularly heavy snowfall area.

7. Kikonai Access


Hakodate Airport - (Hakodate Ekimae by bus about 20 minutes) - Hakodate Station (by JR about 20 minutes) - Shin Hakodate Hokuto Station (by Shinkansen about 13 minutes) - Kikonai Station
Hakodate Airport - (Hakodate Ekimae by bus about 20 minutes) - Hakodate Station (by South Hokkaido Railway about 60 minutes) - Kamaya Station/Izumisawa Station/Satsukari Station/Kikonai Station

Tokyo - about 90 minutes - Sendai - about 100 minutes - Shin Aomori - about 50 minutes - Kikonai
Shin Hakodate Hokuto - about 13 minutes - Kikonai

●Route bus
Hakodate Ekimae - Kikonai Ekimae about 90 minutes
Matsumae - Kikonai Ekimae about 90 minutes
Esashi - Kikonai Ekimae about 80 minutes

●Kikonai Station / Rent-a-car
Times Car RENTAL, Eki Rent-a-car

8. Hokkaido's Main City for Tourism

9. Bus lines connecting Hokkaido

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