Autumn Hokkaido

Hokkaido in Autumn (September to November): Recommended Spots

Autumn Climate in Hokkaido

There will be a difference in temperature from region to region. In Sapporo, the average temperature is below 20 degrees Celsius and it feels cooler, but there is a lot of precipitation in September, so it is advisable to prepare rain gear. The first snow falls in late October and early November, and many households start using heaters, and Asahikawa and Furano sometimes get snow.

Monthly Average Temperature by Region


Autumn Clothing

Hokkaido’s Autumn Highlights

The leaves start to change color in early September, and the best time to see them is from early to mid-October. You can enjoy the colorful autumn leaves in many places. Around the end of September, golden ears of delicious Hokkaido rice sway in the wind and new rice can be enjoyed. This is the season of harvest, when you can enjoy the bright red coral grass at Lake Notoro in Abashiri, fish for kokanee salmon in the Memanbetsu and Kushiro areas, observe squirrels and wild birds in nature parks, and pick fruit.

Tokachidake Onsen

This is the first place in Hokkaido where you can see the autumn colors. You can also enjoy a spectacular view from the open-air bath at Ryounkaku.

Hokuto’s rice plant

In Hokuto City, where the Ono Plain stretches out, ears of “Fukkurinko” rice, a nationally renowned rice crop, spread out. From the Kijihiki Highland Panoramic Observation Deck, you can see Mount Hakodate, the Ono Plain, the Yokotsu mountain range, Uchiura Bay, Lake Onuma and Mt. Komagatake.

Lake Kussharo

Japan’s largest caldera lake. Near the lake, hot springs and campgrounds are scattered, and in the center Nakajima of 12 km around floats. In October, you can enjoy fishing for Japanese kokanee salmon while enjoying the autumn leaves.

Hokkaido Salmon Roe

In Hokkaido, the salmon are caught in large fixed nets as they return to the rivers of their birth. The peak season for catching salmon is from September to October.
Almost all of Hokkaido catches “autumn salmon” and people start making salmon roe at home.

Nusamai Bridge

This European-style bridge spans the Kushiro River. Kushiro Port is dazzlingly colored by the setting sun, and the sunset from Nusamai Bridge is a great photo spot.


Maruyama Park

Maruyama Park which has been loved for a long time as an oasis for Sapporo citizens. It prospers with its’ cherry blossoms in full bloom, Hokkaido Shrine Festival, and colored leaves.
When you take a look around, you can discover squirrels, and wild birds.

Murata orchard

In Niki town, Yoichi-gun, there is an orchard with a long history of over 130 years. You can enjoy picking 5 kinds of fruits such as strawberries, cherries, grapes, blueberries and prunes, in total there are 45 varieties of fruit depending on the season. We also sell seasonal apples at our direct sales store.

Tomamu Unkai Terrace

You can enjoy a cup of coffee at the top of the gondola station at Tomamu Ski Resort while looking out at the magnificent sea of clouds below. Limited to early mornings from June to October.


Takino Suzuran Hillside National Park

While being in a great location of only 40 minutes by car from the center of Sapporo, the very large site in an area of rich nature feels perfectly spacious.
In mid October the kochia scoparia changes from fluffy green to its original bulky red.

Row of ginkgo trees at Hokkaido University

This is a very popular tourist spot at Hokkaido University.
The sight of 70 ginkgo trees lined up over 380 meters is truly a golden tunnel.

Nopporo Shinrin Kouen Prefectural Natural Park

The park has the 100th anniversary Memorial Tower which was established as the memorial of 100th year after the reclamation of Hokkaido, Historical Village of Hokkaido which displays historical buildings and Hokkaido Museum which introduces Hokkaido’s nature, history and culture. You can experience and learn about the nature of Hokkaido.

Michi-no-Eki Nanairo-Nanae

Lined with food made with Southern Hokkaido area ingredients.
Of course, sightseeing information is also available.
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