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We have compiled a detailed guide to traveling within Hokkaido. Previously, local knowledge was required to search, but now we have connected you to your desired city, tourist spot, airport station, or bus terminal throughout Hokkaido. In addition, if you have any questions, you can contact us.

1. Comprehensive map of travel by public transportation
2. Transportation information from all 12 airports
3. Travel by rail (JR Hokkaido)
4. Intercity travel by bus (intercity express bus information): information on bus routes in each area
5. Travel by car (estimated travel time between cities)
6. Expressway Interchange Information
7. Ferry information to remote islands in Hokkaido

Travel Time by Public Transportation

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Approximate Travel Time by JR Line

Railroads connect major cities in Hokkaido such as Sapporo, Hakodate, Asahikawa, Obihiro and Kushiro.

Approximate Travel Time by Intercity Bus

There are buses that run between Sapporo and other cities in Hokkaido. If you combine them well, you can travel around Hokkaido conveniently. For details, please contact us.

Approximate Travel Time by Car

Highway Map

Ferry Routes to Remote Islands

 Wakkanai-Oshidomari: 2 to 4 flights/day (0 to 1 flight/day via Kafuka), 1h40min-1h50min
 Wakkanai-Kafuka: 1 to 6 flights/day (0 to 1 flight/day via Oshidomari), 1h55min-2h5min
 Oshidomari-Kafuka: 1 to 3 flights/day, 40min
 Oshidomari-Kutshugata: 1 flight/day (June-September), 40min
 Esashi-Okushiri: 1 to 2 flights/day, 2h10min-2h20min

 Haboro-Yagishiri: 1 to 6 flights/day, 35min-1h
 Yagishiri-Teuri: 1 to 6 flights/day, 15min-25min

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