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Air travel is much likely to be your way to get to Hokkaido from overseas or within Japan.

Go on an Adventure in Beautiful Hokkaido

 Hokkaido is the eastern tip of Asia and the northernmost island of Japan, rich in nature. It is surrounded by three seas: the Pacific Ocean, the Sea of Japan, and the Sea of Okhotsk. It has four seasons: spring (April to June), summer (July to August), autumn (September to November), and winter (December to March). The ecosystem is different from that of Japan’s mainland, and is inhabited by brown bears, red-crowned cranes, Ezo deer, and Steller’s sea eagles. Between June and September, you can see various flowers blooming all at the same time in the short period of time, such as cherry bloosoms, ROSA RUGOSA, lavender, sunflowe and cosmos. Alpine plants can be seen at lowland as well. The island was settled by immigrants from all over Japan around 1860, and the indigenous people are the Ainu people. The island’s infrastructure (electricity, gas, and water) runs to every corner of the island, allowing people to lead a cultural life in the midst of nature.

 There are one World Natural Heritage area, two World Geoparks, six National Parks, and five National Monuments. Enjoy experiencing nature, culture, and history in various parts of Hokkaido.

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